Why the New Futura Condominium Must Be Your Next Home?

Why the New Futura Condominium Must Be Your Next Home?

New Futura represents the future of Singapore is a comprehensive and convenient developments with an eye on the family. The developers behind this project definitely knows how to set priorities. Singapore is placed on the top rankings when talking about constantly improving cities in the world. For a few years, several developments have happened in the cosmopolitan.

Not like other cities, nonetheless, the skyline of Singapore is not just shaped by commercial buildings and corporate headquarters. You can also find several residential developments. New Futura is added to the listing of upcoming developments in the area.

The New Futura is being developed by CDL and is anticipated having a total of 124 residential units. The freehold development has got a scheduled TOP in 2018.

When picking a new residential property in Singapore, there are many various things that you’d have to take into consideration. The developmentā€™s features will be the most vital consideration. New Futura floor plan is in the brochure which can be collected at the showflat. The New Futura price is set to increase due to the popular demand during the launch of the project. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the things that you would need to take into account when it comes to New Futura. To begin with, it has a prime location in central district as the exact address is 14 Leonie Hill Drive. This is offered as a freehold tenure, that is something that prevailing 99-years leaseholds would prefer. The announcement of its completion date hasn’t happened yet but it’s expected in the next couple of years. The development type of the site includes the development of two 36-storey residential condos with a total of 124 residential units, which speaks volumes.

It’s clear that the site area is particularly big as compared to the number of housing units which promises big apartments with lots of spacious appeal to them. In addition, the whole thing provides a number of amenities and facilities, that is particularly significant and to be considered.

As you may know, the location is probably the most crucial things that you would have to take into consideration when it comes to a new development. Usually, properties with a great location has a more expensive price. Fortunately, the New Futura condo will be based on an area where a few beneficial establishments and institutions also stand. The range between the site and close by facilities is not more than One kilometre.

The site of the development alone speaks volumes on its quality. Residents can simply have a short drive to reach the essential establishments as well as amenities close by.

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